UI Design
A great-looking website grabs attention and can help turn visitors into long-term customers. Simply put, a well-designed website is more likely to lead to sales and repeat custom. I can help design your website in a way looks great, is easy to navigate, and promotes confidence in your products or services.

My skills include:

  • Complete site design mockups

    Starting with a graphical mockup is a great way to ensure the design looks perfect before any coding begins. It can then be used as a template to refer to when developing the website

  • Element design

    Buttons, links, and menus etc need a consistent look and feel to create a cohesive design that works for your business. I can help design these elements, as well as how they will work on your site.

  • Mobile layouts

    More and more people use their mobile phones to browse websites. For this reason, a great mobile design important. I plan all my designs with this in mind.

  • Navigation planning

    Planning how people navigate around your site (UX design) is critical. A well-planned site will hold a potential customer’s interest when trying to find information or buy your products. I can help with this as part of the design process.