Every Day Matters

A lively, sweet, ad-friendly track featuring acoustic guitars and piano

Boogie-Woogie down by the Docks

A lively, old-style, boogie-woogie piano track

Cocktails and Kitsch

A quirky and fun 1950s TV-inspired orchestral track

Movement and Rhythm

A lively track with a quirky, optimistic feel

Flying High

A pacey, affirmative solo piano track

Daft Funk

A smooth, groovy funk/disco track with a chilled vibe

Emotive Motion

An upbeat track, fast-paced with a feeling of forward-motion, optimism and a happy conclusion

Punching and Kicking

A lively, light-hearted drum and percussion track

Bouncing For Joy

A happy and carefree piano track with a quick pace and playful feel

Lively Classical Piano

A bright and lively classical solo piano piece with an upbeat tempo

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