Customer FAQ's

How can I use the music I purchase?

This will depend on the license chosen at the time of purchase.
Our standard license will be sufficient to suit most peoples needs including use on commercial websites (YouTube, Vimeo, and similar sites…)
We also offer licences for use on television & in film.
…more information

Submitting cue sheets (Only if the music is being used on Television or in a Film)

A cue sheet is a breakdown of all music used within an audiovisual production that is publicly broadcast in film, television shows, television commercials etc.

Production companies complete cue sheets so that royalties can be calculated and paid to the relevant parties.

If this applies to your project, a cue sheet will need to be submitted to both the Composers and the Publishers PROs.

PRO Details for Mark Hatter Music
Publisher Name – Mark Hatter Publishing
IPI – 5425041

Composers PRO details are displayed on each individual track page.

A blank cue sheet is available for download here

Please also send a copy of the completed cue sheet to cuesheets@markhatter.co.uk

What are the alternative versions?

Most of our tracks (excluding solo instrumental pieces) come with a number of alternative versions.

These have been created to make it more flexible to use the track in different situations for example: underneath dialog or in the background of a scene.

Usually, the following alternatives are the most useful but this depends on the track.

Full – The full track with all instrumentation
No Drums – The full track with the drums and percussion removed
No Bass – The full track with the bass removed
No Melody – The full track with the lead melody line(s) removed
Underscore – Usually the full track with the drums/percussion and the lead melody line(s) removed. Individual tracks will state if the underscore differs from this format.

In some instances, we have also included seamless 4 bar loops that can be repeated for as long as needed, short sting endings etc.

Note: All alternative versions (exlcluding loops and stings) are the same length as the Full version. This means there may be a period of slience at the beginning or at other points in the track. This is done to make it easier to line tracks up when editing/adding to video.

What will I receive when I purchase a track?

You will receive a high-quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV file of each track along with any alternative versions included with your purchase. This is a standard format and can be used in most broadcasts without any conversion.

Your purchase also includes the usage license chosen at the time of purchase …more information

Seller FAQ's

Can I advertise my own music?

Yes, we encourage all our composers to advertise their tracks on Mark Hatter Music.
Once you start uploading music, you will get your own store page URL that you can use to advertise your tracks.

You will find your unique store URL in your Vendors Dashboard

How do I get paid when someone buys my tracks?

Payments are made once a month via Paypal.
Once you have a seller account, you can enter your paypal address on your seller’s profile page

How do I submit new music?

To submit new music for us to consider including in our library, please upload MP3 versions of your tracks to dropbox using the link below:

Upload music

1. Please keep the length of your tracks under 3 minutes.
2. If your track includes vocals, please keep them clean!
3. Wherever possible, use a non-faded, composed, definitive ending. This will give editors more options when cutting scenes which gives your track more chance of being used.
4. Please avoid key changes unless absolutely necessary

Why should I sell my music on your site?

We offer good commission rates and no handling fees meaning you earn more!